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5 Friends You Will Have in Your 20’s

I’m turning 25 in a few weeks. That statement deserves a period, 25. Holy shit. As the realization that my twenties are half half over is beginning to come into focus I’v been doing a lot of thinking about my life as a 20-something. As I consider all the little decisions and choices that blend together to make the insane part of your lives known as your early 20’s, I wonder, how do any of us survive? The Answer, our friends.

As children friends come easy, someone has the same favorite color as you or their desk is next to yours, your besties. As adults, our friendships come in many varieties. Some last a lifetime, others only until a lease is up, but these are the bonds are what get us through one of the most challenging and uncertain points in our lives, young adulthood.

5 Friends You Will Have in Your 20’s

The insta-friend

This is a friend of circumstance. Possibly your boyfriends best friends girlfriend or the girl who’s dorm is across the hall from yours. She loves your hair and wants to exchange numbers so you can hang out next weekend. Shes fun to go drinking with and gossip, but she isn’t exactly of substance and after you break up with your boyfriend or move out, you never see her again. Except for in your news feed and you will probably delete her from there eventually too.

Your Roommate

This really isn’t your friend, or might have been until you moved in together. Now you just talk shit behind each others backs and until you blow up and fight over shampoo. You secretly hate everything about her, but you deal with it because your in your 20’s and too broke to live alone.

The Houdini

Your friend by day, magician by night. Every time you go out with this person you ask yourself, why do I ever go out with them. One time at the club they said they were going to go throw their gum out and disappeared for 45 minutes. These optical illusions are not limited to the nocturnal variety either, they are extremely talented with making concrete plans disappear as well. Now you see em’-poof- now you don’t.

Your Cat.

Or your dog, if that’s your fancy. This is the most loyal and loving friend that you will ever have, not just in your 20’s. When you’re PMSing, feeling homesick, and unaccomplished, they’re there for you. To tell you, ‘hey, I love you, unconditionally, not just because you open my cans, but because I lick my butt and that’s ok with you.’

Your Mom

As an annoying pain in the ass teenager you used to tell your parents how they could never relate or understand you. As a 20-something you realize how wrong you were and spend sometime making up for it. The best part of my twenties has been forming a friendship with my parents, especially my Mom. I love sharing pictures on my parents joint Facebook page and explaining what Pandora is and how it ‘knows what I want to listen to next’.

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How To: Be in Like

Let me begin by stating that I’m not an expert on dating, I am in fact quite the dating novice. I follow the same dating guidelines that I did when I was fourteen, if I like someone, I tell them. Although I no longer do so in the form of a note with two simple check boxes for the recipients response, I try to be pretty direct. While this may seem like a pretty straightforward act, expressing your feelings, many 20 somethings find it difficult. So, here are a few ways of letting that special someone know that they are especially special to you.

Define it.

Indistinguishable relationships are pretty much the social norm for our generation  If two people are spending (and enjoying) significant amounts of time together and are  constantly communicating when they aren’t together- is this interpreted as being 'together'? I’m a fan of calling a spade a spade. If you like someone and like being with them you should do exactly that-be together. I’m not saying date every person you enjoying making out and watching movies with, but if it feels real go with it. Whats the worse that’s going to happen, you’ll end up single…oh wait…that’s already happening. 

Cook for them.

Going out to dinner and exploring new restaurants is a fun experience to share with someone, but cooking with someone is intimate. Anyone can pick a good restaurant, but not everyone has a subscription to Bon Appetit and isn’t afraid to use it! If you aren’t much in the kitchen, make breakfast- omelets and french toast are delicious anytime, especially in bed…

When you’re thinking of them, tell them.

I recently started long distance dating a merchant marine. We met and really connected, but six days later he had to return to the Gulf of Mexico..for twenty one days..womp. What I’ve learned so far from being in a long distance relationship is that communication is a fastens us together. You’ve got to share whats on your mind and listen to whats on theirs. Whether you miss them/want to kiss them/be their little spoon all night, its important to share what you’re thinking and feeling. 

Leave a note.

Write something sweet on a post it and leave it someplace they will find it when you’re gone. Nothing says good morning like a post it message on the bathroom mirror. 

Get your PDA on.

Within reason. No one likes the couple tasting the back of each others throats at the bar, but there is a such thing as tasteful PDA. I always get angry jealous (that’s so cute, I hate you for it) when I see a couple share a private moment in public. 

Tell your mom about it.

I do my best never to lie to my mother, because she loves me and because I know she doesn’t care if I’m single or not, all that matters is that I’m not pregnant. So, I never say that I’m seeing anyone special unless I actually am. Usually, I’m exclusivity seeing unspecial people so I just don’t bother sharing, but when it is worth sharing, I always do

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